About Me

I was once afforded a lofty view, and perceived that Time was simply as Pearls on String.  From Eternity all struggle has meaning, so I serve the One who dwells there, and ascribes Eternal Value.  

- M.W

At my best...

My name is Mary-Anne Wallace,  and I aim to live my life in such a way that when I look back,  my journey will be seen for the Landscape. For the beautiful  interplay between light and shadow, and the relationships between those seasons of joy and struggle - how difficult to maintain so lofty a position as to romantically bear witness to The Light throughout! 

More recently, I read from a 100+ year old, such sage advice: When Life is viewed from the Death bed, all that really matters is to remember that you are loved. 

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

― Søren Kierkegaard 

Art is Translation

As a Producer-Artist I have achieved many degrees, and swung between the pillars of Computer Science and Psychology. I have studied in the U.S Japan and Germany, and have treaded the Scottish Highlands to pluck Bluebells and Heather, and througout it all...

...It's in the Translation that I exist.

I did not choose to become an Artist.  But I have observed myself under various conditions and have noticed that I tend to "Exist" more when I am creative.

Be sincere; if its not done in Love, it is of no Lasting Value. 

Balance of Head and Heart

"You've got a book in you" said one author when I touched on our responsibility regarding the relationship between Digital Media and Shaping of Societal Values, but I'd rather live it first.  I take great care when making decisions to weigh Long and Short term benefits and sacrifices which must be made.  And I go to great lengths to ensure I operate out of what I like to call "The Genuine".

I love language and have recently taken to learning French, and am soon to refreshen my Japanese.