I offer several Portfolios - from Traditional to Techy. 
I Art as a Soloist and as part of an Ensemble.


As a Painter, Wordsmith and Musician, I take great pleasure to borrow terms and expressions to better communicate and translate "a thing".   My artistic aim is simple: to delight the Mind's Eye and bring a Piece to its highest place of Beauty.   

This little Bee was created for an App.  My Wacom stopped functioning, so I decided to create assets out of Watercolors, and followed a hunch to bring it into Flash for some quick animation.  

Though the App never saw completeion, I learned a great deal from the experience, and generated several layered environments patterned after Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh.

Entertainment Technology

My curiosity leads me all around the world.  Here I am in Kyoto, Japan with Dr. Keiji Yamada of NEC Robotics Lab.  As an obsessed gamer, it only made sense to follow the yellow-brick road to Sneak-A-Peek behind the curtain, and of course Pull a few levers myself.

The purpose of this multitouch media hallway was to stimulate innovative ideas, and facilitate interaction to improve the Wa of Japanese Communication.  

Let's hear it for Gamification! 

From iPhone Development to VR And Multitouch, I'm not afraid to get my hands Digitally Down and Dirty.  

As part of an Ensemble, I serve as a Producer and delight to take on responsibility for Audio-Visual aspects of Production and Presentation for my Team.