Fine Art and Graphics by
Mary-Anne Wallace


An Artist is always an artist. We just shift from one canvas and medium to another.  Surely the human heart and client/customer service is where it counts.  Before COVID I had the pleasure of working the Star Trek 50’th Anniversary Exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation,  But now I work at the local hospital receiving patients in various states of trauma. My role here is to provide compassionate care.  Even here, the Artist is always an Artist, as much as an actor puts himself into the role.   I aim to live for meaningful interactions, and congruence in all that I do.

I’m either singing, playing an instrument, painting or cooking ; if i’m not at work.
Always looking to illustrate the next big concept.

Design Tool Favorites: Adobe Creative Suite
2D Illustrations and Motion Graphics

Fine Art Illustrations and Artifacts

Paintings Characters and Concept Illustrations

Web Graphics & Social Media

For Congregation Shema Yisrael

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